Customized manufacturing & assembly
solutions tailored to your needs.

Quality assurance measures ensuring consistent product excellence.

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Rely on us as your single-source partner to provide support beyond manufacturing solutions, including assembly, packaging, and sterilization management. As an ISO 13485:2016-certified, FDA-registered provider, we have the credentials and expertise to offer manufacturing and assembly services in a range of environments to meet the needs of highly regulated industries such as medical device and life science. We’re also the leader in designing and building automation and manufacturing equipment for dip molding, dip coating, and spray coating. Our robust Quality Management System ensures that we meet applicable regulatory requirements and manufacture products with consistently high quality.

ISO 7&8

Medical device manufacturing & assembly solutions.

Supporting catheters and more.
  • High-volume precision molding & extrusion
  • Sub-assemblies & finished devices
  • Tip forming
  • Microdrilling & punching
  • Tube overmolding
  • Skiving
  • Tube flaring/cutting
  • Coatings
  • Part marking and decorating
  • Welding & bonding
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization management

A range of environments to meet your project’s needs.

Streamlined manufacturing and assembly processes.

At Aptyx, we provide manufacturing and assembly services in a range of environments to meet the regulatory requirements of your medical component or device. The type of medical device you’re developing will determine which environment is right for your product. Our flexible manufacturing facilities allow us to scale up as needed to accommodate your product’s manufacturing and assembly requirements.

ISO 7 & 8 cleanroom
Standard environment
What our customers are saying
One particular capability where they really stand above competitors is project management. This is done in a professional way, and we have quite high complexity involved. They are doing an outstanding job.
Global Commodity Manager / Multi-national Medical Device Company
They’ve been a good partner – good communication and meeting our needs…Open and honest. Good partnership.
Business Unit General Manager / Global Medical Device Company
The Aptyx team did an excellent job converting brass gears to plastic. Because of the design challenges, deep expertise in gears and over-molding was crucial. They also converted an expensive, labor-intensive part with quality issues to two-shot molding, which dramatically reduced cost, improved quality, and easily met the production needs. Apytx came through for us because of very good program management and good technical expertise.
Lead Principal Engineer / Global Medical Device Company
Working with your team has been one of the best contract manufacturing interactions ever. They made the whole thing happen even when it was chaos on our end.
Director of Regulatory Affairs/Product Development Manager / Medical Device Startup
The team at Aptyx is a pleasure to work with. They understand & act like true partners. I routinely hold them up as the model of the type of supplier that we need.
Site General Manager / Specialty Electronics Manufacturer for the Life Sciences
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Automation & manufacturing
equipment design and build.

Custom equipment to meet your complex needs.

Aptyx is the leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of highly reliable and innovative dip molding and dip coating equipment for demanding applications including medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, industrial, automotive, and more. We provide end-to-end support for your coating project, from prototype lab to process development to equipment design and manufacture, including test and inspection services. In the R&D phase, our seasoned technical team can work with you to create a process development strategy by reviewing polymer options, tooling design, equipment requirements, and long-term production support needs.

Research & development
Laboratory equipment
Pilot scale
Chain line
Robotic batch
Medical dip coating
Medical dip molding
Chemical conversion dip
Spray coating
Film cast equipment
Test & inspections

Smart solutions
for complex markets.

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Medical Device & Life Sciences

With integrated, specialized engineering and manufacturing solutions, we’re your single-source partner for complex components and devices that impact lives. You can rely on us throughout the product lifecycle, from development and manufacturing to assembly and packaging.
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Our complex manufacturing capabilities meet the needs of diverse industries such as automotive and consumer.
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Aerospace & Defense

We handle highly complex, high-precision manufacturing and assembly projects in partnership with some of the largest aerospace and defense companies.
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We lead the market in insulation solutions for the electrical industry.

Manufacturing & assembly resources


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