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At Aptyx, your products are our purpose. You can rely on us to deliver quality, complex manufacturing solutions at scale to bring your mission-critical components and devices to life. Our team solves tough manufacturing challenges so that you can create more good things in the world and bring more innovative and life-changing solutions to people who need them. We make it happen through our integrated, comprehensive capabilities including engineering, molding, extrusion, coatings, and assembly.

Complex manufacturing, when and where you need it.

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Meet Aptyx. A new name backed by 70 years of expertise.

Where aptitude and excellence meet.
  • Skilled, keenly intelligent
  • Natural ability to learn or perform in a specific area
  • Ability to deliver
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Bringing together over 70 years of aptitude and excellence
to deliver smart solutions and solve complex challenges
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About Us

Making it happen is the way we do business. It takes an unwavering focus on quality. It takes deep expertise in engineering and know-how in molding, extrusion, coatings, and assembly. It takes integrity in action and a growth mindset: always being on the lookout for what’s possible.

We believe in a collaborative approach to complex manufacturing because we know our success depends on your success. We do it because the products you make matter.

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We partner with our customers to bring expertly engineered, quality products to market with entrepreneurial speed, enable their long-term success, and positively impact people’s lives, including those of our team members.


A world where Aptyx leads the industry in a collaborative approach to complex manufacturing that sustainably and consistently fuels customer and team member impact and success.


Make it Happen

Innovative thinking, agile decision making, and big ambition is in our DNA. We find opportunities and solve problems with entrepreneurial speed and accountability.

Commitment to Quality

Every day, every line, every job starts and ends with a rigorous and unrelenting focus on the quality and excellence of our work, including the safety and well-being of our team members.

Integrity in Action

You can rely on us to deliver with integrity, truth, and accountability no matter what challenges arise. We’ll know the answer, find the answer, or solve any problem with expediency and a commitment to getting the job done right.

Collaborative Partnership

We’re in the business of building long-term, trusted partnerships based on transparency and clear communication at every touchpoint inside and out. We speak up, respect, and support each other.

Growth Mindset

We look for what’s possible. We’re curious and strive to learn something new each day. We are open minded and celebrate the diversity, expertise, and experience each of us contributes to the important work we do for our customers.

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Global reach. Local touch.

Global manufacturing, at your service.

Our growing global network brings you convenience and flexibility. Our manufacturing facilities in four countries offer specialized technologies and capabilities as well as ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certifications to meet the specialized needs of demanding industries. With domestic, near-shore, off-shore, and low-cost manufacturing capabilities and automation expertise, our team can meet the unique demands of your mission-critical complex component or device.

United States

Our facilities in eight states provide a full range of complex manufacturing capabilities, including injection molding, dip molding, blow molding, extrusion, coatings, and assembly. Our facility in Kent, Ohio, specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of dip molding and dip coating machinery and related automated equipment.


Our facilities in Milton and Trenton, Ontario, support both the North American market and the broader global market. They provide a wide spectrum of manufacturing capabilities including molding, extrusion, coatings, and assembly. Areas of expertise include extruded polymer tubing for medical devices and insulation solutions for the energy industry.


Conveniently located just over the U.S. border, our facility in Piedras Negras provides the advantages of near-shore manufacturing. Our comprehensive capabilities include injection molding, dip molding, and blow molding, as well as assembly services ranging from manual to fully automated, assisted by robotic technology.


Our facilities in China support both the Asian market and the broader global market. Strategically located in Changzhou and Guangzhou, they provide a broad range of manufacturing capabilities including molding, extrusion, and assembly. Areas of expertise include gear-controlled applications for medical devices, food service, and commercial equipment; HVAC for vehicles and buildings; and extruded tubing for respiratory applications.

Serving mission-critical

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We’re your single-source partner for components and devices that positively impact patients’ lives. With integrated, specialized engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Aptyx solutions range from development through manufacturing, assembly, and packaging.
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A wide range of industries partner with us for their complex manufacturing needs, including automotive and consumer. We have 70 years of experience manufacturing specialty precision gears and assemblies, drivetrains, and actuators to enable mission-critical applications.
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With ITAR registration and ISO 9001:2015 certification, we have the credentials and know-how to handle complex, high-precision manufacturing and assembly projects partnering with some of the largest aerospace and defense companies.
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With expertise in dip molding, coatings, and materials, we’re leaders in the design and manufacture of standard and custom insulation solutions for electrical industry applications such as reusable insulating boots and insulation for busbars and connectors.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We take environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies very seriously and through these policies we clarify our goal of being a trusted employer, partner, and contributing member of society just as we have over the past 70 years through our portfolio of pioneering companies.


From our supply chain to our physical facilities, we search for ways to conserve energy resources, including a focus on recycling programs that seek to reduce and eliminate landfill waste. These programs are also made available to our associates to encourage and promote an environmentally responsible local community. We monitor our progress and track key metrics focused on energy conservation and reduction.

Social / Ethics

We feel a deep responsibility to the communities we serve worldwide as well as to our customers, competitors, distributors, and suppliers. We are committed to product safety, efficacy, and ethical planning and management of resources. As a producer of many medical grade products, we feel a special ethical responsibility to produce the highest quality products. We are committed to workforce diversity, equity, training, and a culture of collaboration and inclusion.


We provide our shareholders and investors with honest and ethical financial accountability and provide total transparency to regulators. We provide financial support for continuous improvement initiatives that target business growth, six sigma/lean manufacturing improvements, and waste reduction.

Leadership Team

Experienced, action-oriented leaders focused on your long-term success.
Gregg Tobin
Gregg Tobin
President and Chief Executive Officer
John McElroy
John McElroy
Chief Financial Officer
Tobe Allenbrand
Tobe Allenbrand
Senior Vice President, Global Operations
Mike Huiras
Mike Huiras
Senior Vice President, Global Sales
Dave Appleton
Dave Appleton
Senior Vice President, Global Quality
Beth Harrison Meyer
Beth Harrison Meyer
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing
Alma Covarrubias
Alma Covarrubias
Corporate Human Resources Director


Company changes its name to Aptyx to better represent the integrated organization
Aptyx brand mark
Acquisition of GlobalMed, a leader in extruded polymer tubing for the medical device market
Acquisition of Seitz expands complex injection molding capabilities including expertise in precision gears
A closeup of precision gears and drivetrains
Acquisition of Medefab expands polymer extrusion capabilities and adds catheter assembly
A computer generated image of a net and two arrows
Acquisition of DipTech Systems, a leader in custom automation and equipment for dip molding and coating
A structure with a blue roof and yellow and white columns
Acquisition of Formco, a specialist in latex dip and spray molding
A room filled with lots of white and brown gloves
Expansion to Mexico with the acquisition of GIC
Map of Mexico
Acquisition of Bates Industries, adding medical device assembly, extrusion, and blow molding
A group of people working in a factory
Acquisition of Southwest Mold, a specialist in complex injection molding
A close up of a machine with a blurry background
Automation and equipment for dip molding & coating begins (DipTech)
A row of dip molding machines sitting inside of a building
First China facility opens in ChangZhou, Jiang Su (Seitz)
map of China
Extrusion for respiratory delivery begins (GlobalMed)
Person sleeping with a CPAP machine
Blow molding and medical device assembly begins (Bates)
A group of blue plastic bottles sitting on top of a table
Extrusion and catheter assembly operations begin (Medefab)
Tube with numbers shaped like a candy cane
Dip molding operations begin (Molded Devices)
A close up of a metal structure with blue paint used for dip molding
Injection molding operations begin (Seitz)
A factory filled with machines and machinery inside of a building