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Expertise in medical balloons and other precision components

Blow molding balloons

When you need a thin-wall, durable, hollow plastic product or component for medical or food-safe applications, polymer blow molding solutions is the ideal process. At Aptyx, we have the experience to bring your product ideas to reality, whether you’re using one of our existing molds or need a new custom mold. We also offer a full suite of complementary processes such as in-mold decoration. Our skilled craftspeople have extensive custom blow molding expertise with medical balloons in a wide range of profiles.

Blow molding solutions you can count on.

Aptyx provides versatile blow molding services for the medical device industry and other high-performance markets. Whether you need high-volume 4+4 continuous extrusion blow molding or micro medical blow molding for complex components like medical balloons and cuffs, we have the capabilities to bring your product ideas to reality.

Combining control and cost-effectiveness.

Polymer custom blow molding allows you to produce a hollow complex part design at scale. This process uses compressed air to meld down a specialized polymer tube (called a parison) to create a uniform shape and thickness around the walls of a metal mold. The OD can be controlled via a steel or aluminum mold and the ID via compressed air.

What our customers are saying
One particular capability where they really stand above competitors is project management. This is done in a professional way, and we have quite high complexity involved. They are doing an outstanding job.
Global Commodity Manager / Multi-national Medical Device Company
They’ve been a good partner – good communication and meeting our needs…Open and honest. Good partnership.
Business Unit General Manager / Global Medical Device Company
The Aptyx team did an excellent job converting brass gears to plastic. Because of the design challenges, deep expertise in gears and over-molding was crucial. They also converted an expensive, labor-intensive part with quality issues to two-shot molding, which dramatically reduced cost, improved quality, and easily met the production needs. Apytx came through for us because of very good program management and good technical expertise.
Lead Principal Engineer / Global Medical Device Company
Working with your team has been one of the best contract manufacturing interactions ever. They made the whole thing happen even when it was chaos on our end.
Director of Regulatory Affairs/Product Development Manager / Medical Device Startup
The team at Aptyx is a pleasure to work with. They understand & act like true partners. I routinely hold them up as the model of the type of supplier that we need.
Site General Manager / Specialty Electronics Manufacturer for the Life Sciences

Blow Molded Products

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Medical balloons & cuffs

We blow mold medical balloons and cuffs for a wide range of applications including endotracheal, stent delivery, tracheostomy, endoscopy, gynecology, and urology applications. Our team has decades of experience producing thin-walled cuffs that are durable yet supple with a limited transition from the balloon shoulder to the tube. We can provide you with blow-molded components with walls as thin as .0015” and with shoulder IDs as small as .075”.

Blow molding machine

Food safety applications

We manufacture blow-molded handles for the food and beverage industry that meet stringent quality and industrial safety standards.

Polymer Blow Molding Advantages

With speed, versatility and cost-effectiveness, custom blow molding is a great technique for producing hollow components at high volumes.

Efficient high-volume production

Once the mold or die has been fabricated, the blow molding process can quickly and reliably produce parts, making it a good choice for medium and high-volume production of the same hollow part.

Control of wall thickness & complex designs

Compared with dip molding, custom blow molding allows for improved control of wall thickness, along with more advanced, complex mold designs.

Cost-effective production process

Extrusion blow molding uses a lower level of pressure, which reduces machinery costs. This makes it easier and more cost-efficient to mold external threads or open-ended and large parts, which can be split by opening a closed molding. This blow molding solutions technology also reduces labor cost.

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