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Engineering success is the heartbeat of our company. Our entrepreneurial heritage includes many groundbreaking engineers who had the vision and ingenuity to find innovative solutions to achieve leading edge performance requirements and solve manufacturing challenges. It’s this engineering focus that sets us apart. At Aptyx, we employ some of the world’s top engineers and craftspeople to develop some of the most complex plastic molds on the market for our customers. Our growing engineering staff can leverage technical expertise within their local facilities as well as across our global network to help customers solve complex problems and engineer smart solutions.

Expert project management to ensure alignment

Your dedicated Project Engineer will take ownership of your project from proposal through production, ensuring continuity and bringing institutional knowledge on the best design and manufacturing approach for your project. You also have a dedicated Project Manager as a single point of contact to ensure effective communication and a smooth transition from development to manufacturing.

  • Estimating
  • Project Award
  • Component DFX
  • Tool Design
  • Tool Build
  • Process Development
  • Qualification
World-class engineers. First-class collaboration.

Customized engineering services for complex manufacturing.

It’s one thing to create a beautiful design, but another to engineer that design for production. We take a proactive approach to every project. Our team of world-class engineers will collaborate with you on your vision for the project and review the design to identify opportunities for optimization. An engineering review may include an analysis of the manufacturability of the design, mold flow analysis, tool design analysis, and more. Our engineers and craftspeople leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide a range of engineering services to optimize both tool and part design to ensure manufacturing success.

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Design Support & Engineering

Our experienced team of engineers will review your new product concept or your existing device using design for manufacturability (DFM) and finite element analyses (FEA) to uncover ways to optimize your design to enhance manufacturing efficiency. Predictive engineering tools such as Moldflow® simulation reveal how resin will fill a mold during the injection molding process. These tools help us to understand the critical specifications of your components so that we can optimize mold design, improve mold efficiency and cost competitiveness, and reduce lead time.

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Tooling Design & Fabrication

A high-quality, precision-manufactured, well-maintained tool or die is the first step of a successful customized molding solution. Our team of experts includes tool makers and RJG Master Molder®-qualified engineers and technicians with decades of experience. We provide a full suite of tooling services to ensure your project’s success, including in-house custom tooling design, a range of tool-building capabilities in several geographies, tooling support services, and in-house tooling maintenance. Our Q-Drive Mold System is ideal for quick-turn injection molding of small plastic parts, including complex applications such as gears.

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Engineering Services

Aptyx offers a full suite of engineering services, including:

  • Scientific qualification with RJG Master Molder®-qualified engineers
  • IQ/OQ/PQ full capability studies
  • Mechanism development
  • Complex CAD surface modeling
  • Design for manufacturing to ensure tooling-ready injection molded parts
  • Materials and process technologies
  • Design for assembly and cost reduction
  • Modular tooling systems
  • In-house tool design
  • Complete tool build capabilities
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What our customers are saying
One particular capability where they really stand above competitors is project management. This is done in a professional way, and we have quite high complexity involved. They are doing an outstanding job.
Global Commodity Manager / Multi-national Medical Device Company
They’ve been a good partner – good communication and meeting our needs…Open and honest. Good partnership.
Business Unit General Manager / Global Medical Device Company
The Aptyx team did an excellent job converting brass gears to plastic. Because of the design challenges, deep expertise in gears and over-molding was crucial. They also converted an expensive, labor-intensive part with quality issues to two-shot molding, which dramatically reduced cost, improved quality, and easily met the production needs. Apytx came through for us because of very good program management and good technical expertise.
Lead Principal Engineer / Global Medical Device Company
Working with your team has been one of the best contract manufacturing interactions ever. They made the whole thing happen even when it was chaos on our end.
Director of Regulatory Affairs/Product Development Manager / Medical Device Startup
The team at Aptyx is a pleasure to work with. They understand & act like true partners. I routinely hold them up as the model of the type of supplier that we need.
Site General Manager / Specialty Electronics Manufacturer for the Life Sciences

Your partners in engineering and manufacturing success.

Quick-turn tooling

With our quick-turn Q-Drive program, we can design and build a tool in 2-4 weeks. Our state-of-the-art DME® Master Unit Die (MUD) Quick-Change System combines a static frame with interchangeable companion insert molds, dramatically reducing changeover time. The result is increased uptime and productivity and decreased tooling costs.

Predictive engineering

We’ve made a significant investment in predictive engineering and Moldflow® simulation and analysis. These tools help us to understand the stress areas, tolerances, and mating components of your parts, enabling us to work with you to optimize your design and build a tool that will reliably manufacture high-quality complex products.

Materials expertise

We can recommend the best material for your manufacturing process, potentially saving costs while enhancing performance. We have decades of experience in high-performance polymers such as PEEK, Ultem® and PSU, engineering polymers such as UHMWPE and HDPE, as well as commodity polymers. We also work with filled materials utilizing fillers such as BaSO4, talc, carbon, and glass.

Manufacturing smart
solutions for critical markets.

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Medical Devices & Life Sciences

For life saving and life enhancing applications, we’re your single-source partner for integrated, specialized engineering and manufacturing solutions for complex components and devices. Our solutions span from product development to manufacturing, assembly, and packaging, backed by expert project management.
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We specialize in precision manufacturing of complex products for automotive, consumer, and other diverse industries. Our specialty precision gears and assemblies, drivetrains, and actuators have been powering mission-critical applications for over 70 years.
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Aerospace & defense

Our credentials include ITAR registration and ISO 9001:2015 certification, making us the partner of choice for some of the largest aerospace & defense manufacturers. We have the expertise to handle complex, high-precision manufacturing and assembly projects.
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We’re a leader in insulation solutions for the electrical industry, including insulating boots and insulation for busbars and connectors. We bring deep expertise in dip molding, coatings, and materials.

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