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When it comes to injection molding, we do ‘difficult’ every day.

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Aptyx is your go-to partner for complex plastic injection molding for medical devices and other mission-critical products. We have years of experience working with challenging materials, processes, and complex inspections involved in highly regulated industries. Our seasoned experts provide best-in-class engineering support, including design for manufacturability (DFM), predictive engineering, and Moldflow® simulation to optimize mold design, improve efficiency, lower cost, and reduce lead time. We also use scientific molding principles and advanced molding technology such as Kistler sensors, systems, and software solutions for quality assurance.

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Expert consultation for your complex injection molding challenges.

Tailored solutions for complex requirements.

Aptyx brings you unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in complex plastic injection molding solutions, including decades of experience in insert molding, overmolding, two-shot molding, and in-mold decoration. Our plastic injection molding experts can work with you to choose the material, process, function, and outcome that best aligns with your project.

Insert molding

Insert molding is a process that involves an insert, typically metal, that is placed in the tool for injected plastic to flow around. Encapsulating the insert with plastic eliminates an assembly step to create a single molded plastic piece that’s generally stronger and lower cost than one created using secondary assembly. The insert can be loaded into the mold manually or with automation, which minimizes human error, improves efficiencies, and ensures optimal cycle times.


Overmolding typically involves a rigid, plastic-based substrate overlaid with a pliable, rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer to create a soft-touch grip. This process results in a seamless bond of multiple materials into a single part or product.

Two-shot molding

Two-shot molding (also called dual-shot, double-shot, multi-shot), is a process in which two different plastic resins are molded together in a single machining cycle. Two-shot molding is typically used when production demand is too high for overmolding.

In-mold decoration

In-mold decoration is an effective way to add marking, decorative or branding touches to any plastic component or device during the injection molding process rather than through an additional secondary process. It enhances chemical resistance and reduces the risk of distortion in warning labels and button artwork. Examples include text, colors, textures, and shapes. Additional benefits of in-mold decorating include streamlined production, time savings, and reduced costs.

What our customers are saying
One particular capability where they really stand above competitors is project management. This is done in a professional way, and we have quite high complexity involved. They are doing an outstanding job.
Global Commodity Manager / Multi-national Medical Device Company
They’ve been a good partner – good communication and meeting our needs…Open and honest. Good partnership.
Business Unit General Manager / Global Medical Device Company
The Aptyx team did an excellent job converting brass gears to plastic. Because of the design challenges, deep expertise in gears and over-molding was crucial. They also converted an expensive, labor-intensive part with quality issues to two-shot molding, which dramatically reduced cost, improved quality, and easily met the production needs. Apytx came through for us because of very good program management and good technical expertise.
Lead Principal Engineer / Global Medical Device Company
Working with your team has been one of the best contract manufacturing interactions ever. They made the whole thing happen even when it was chaos on our end.
Director of Regulatory Affairs/Product Development Manager / Medical Device Startup
The team at Aptyx is a pleasure to work with. They understand & act like true partners. I routinely hold them up as the model of the type of supplier that we need.
Site General Manager / Specialty Electronics Manufacturer for the Life Sciences

Plastic Injection Molded Products

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Intravenous Infusion Pump System

Aptyx optimized the design for scalable manufacturing and supplies the mission-critical gear system that precisely drives the pump module and several support components and sub-assemblies within this product.

Laparoscopic surgical tool

Laparoscopic Surgery Multi-tool

This minimally invasive device combines the functions of five instruments into one, powered by a planetary gear retracting system produced by Aptyx.

Robot performing surgery with a surgeon

Robotic Surgery Systems

From the reusable control arms to the disposable end of arm devices, Aptyx assists in the design and tool build and produces the mechanical drive system for many of the leading robotic surgery systems.

A close up of a computer screen with gears

Plastic Gears

High-strength plastic gears are key to the precise functioning of various equipment used in the medical device, industrial, aerospace and defense, and energy industries. Examples include medical fluid delivery pumps, automated teller machines (ATMs), and vehicle and building HVAC equipment.

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Materials expertise for plastic injection molding.

Plastic injection molding can be done with a wide range of plastic compounds, depending on your needs. At Aptyx, we’re material experts and have worked with just about every resin on the spectrum, including high-performance polymers such as PEEK, Ultem® and PSU and engineering polymers such as UHMWPE and HDPE. We can help you select the material that’s the best fit for your project based on cost, availability, and performance characteristics.

Plastic Injection Molding Advantages

Injection molding is the most common method of manufacturing plastic components and products, particularly in high volumes.

Efficient high production

Once the mold has been fabricated, the injection molding process can manufacture parts quickly and reliably, making it an excellent choice for medium- and high-volume production.

Fast production

Our advanced quick-turn molding solutions, including our DME® Master Unit Die (MUD®) Quick-Change System, dramatically reduce mold changeover time, resulting in increased uptime and productivity and decreased tooling costs.

Molding multiple materials

Techniques like overmolding, two-shot molding, and in-mold decoration can provide a seamless bond of multiple materials into a single part or product, at less cost than a secondary process.

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