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broad range of medical tubing.

Going the distance to provide customized solutions.

Extrusion core mandrel

Extruded medical tubing is one of our fastest-growing specialties, with millions of feet of tubing extruded annually for customers worldwide. We have more than 35 years of experience manufacturing a wide range of tubing for applications including airway management, respiratory delivery, fluid management, and catheters. We also partner with you to create custom tubing to meet your specific product requirements. Services like cleanroom assembly for catheters and medical devices ensure you have a complete product once it leaves our facility.

extrusion lines
of feet of tubing extruded annually

Advanced extrusion technology for complex profiles and shapes.

State-of-the-art equipment and techniques for optimal results.
Extrusion is a manufacturing process in which a polymer material is melted together with additional materials and pushed through a die of the desired cross section in a continuous process. It allows for precision manufacturing of very complex cross sections. Our facilities can handle both small lot sizes and large production runs. Once your tube has been extruded, our team can cut, tip, form, print, punch, and assemble your tube into a complete device. We provide a wide range of custom plastic extrusion services tailored to your needs.

Single-lumen and
multi-lumen tubing

We extrude a broad spectrum of tube profiles to meet your needs, from single- to multi-lumen tubing. Our capabilities include stripe, radiopaque, jacketed, and co-extruded products. We can extrude most thermoplastics, including polyurethanes, nylons, polycarbonates, PVCs, polypropylenes, polyethylenes, acetal, and custom-blended material.

Core mandrels

Used as a manufacturing aid for braid- or coil-reinforced catheter and high-pressure contrast tubing, our precision-extruded core mandrels feature very tight tolerances to maintain consistent diameter, roundness, and a smooth surface during catheter processing operations. Materials include acetal and an acetal/silicone blend.

Standard corrugated tubing

Aptyx is a leading manufacturer of extruded plastic corrugated tubing. We extrude EVA, PE and PP, as well as custom materials. Combined with our injection-molded plastic fittings, we offer a complete OEM product line of noninvasive disposable and reusable medical tubing and components for use in anesthesia, respiratory, and other medical and custom applications.

Smooth corrugated tubing

Our smooth corrugated tubing is manufactured with a smooth interior to promote optimal air and gas flow to the patient for applications including sleep apnea, anesthesia, and respiratory tubing. Materials include EVA, metallocene, and Hytrel®.

Expandable tubing

With one of the widest size ranges of expandable tubing on the market, we offer a complete OEM product line of non-invasive disposable medical tubing and components for use in anesthesia, respiratory, and other medical and custom applications.

What our customers are saying
One particular capability where they really stand above competitors is project management. This is done in a professional way, and we have quite high complexity involved. They are doing an outstanding job.
Global Commodity Manager / Multi-national Medical Device Company
They’ve been a good partner – good communication and meeting our needs…Open and honest. Good partnership.
Business Unit General Manager / Global Medical Device Company
The Aptyx team did an excellent job converting brass gears to plastic. Because of the design challenges, deep expertise in gears and over-molding was crucial. They also converted an expensive, labor-intensive part with quality issues to two-shot molding, which dramatically reduced cost, improved quality, and easily met the production needs. Apytx came through for us because of very good program management and good technical expertise.
Lead Principal Engineer / Global Medical Device Company
Working with your team has been one of the best contract manufacturing interactions ever. They made the whole thing happen even when it was chaos on our end.
Director of Regulatory Affairs/Product Development Manager / Medical Device Startup
The team at Aptyx is a pleasure to work with. They understand & act like true partners. I routinely hold them up as the model of the type of supplier that we need.
Site General Manager / Specialty Electronics Manufacturer for the Life Sciences
Robot performing tasks in a factory

Technology advancements that drive better performance.

For more than 35 years, we’ve led the way in pioneering technologies to deliver high value, single-patient respiratory delivery products. For example, our patented, flexible heated wire has optimal placement within the tube to ensure maximum heating performance, supporting enhanced patient safety and operating efficiency. Our tapered or conical hose improves the user experience and connection points while providing better strain relief. In addition, our first-in-class automated assembly of breathing circuits enables enhanced efficiency, quality, and reliability.
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Extruded tubing that goes the extra mile. And then some.

We manufacture 40 million feet of extruded smoke evacuation tubing every year. That’s more than 7,500 miles—enough to stretch from our headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, to our manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China!

Extruded Products

Plastic extruded tubes

Endotracheal tubes

Often extruded as multi-lumen tubes, our endotracheal tubes can be co-extruded with a radiopaque line that allows medical professionals to visualize the tube under X-ray.

Extrusion pigtails and catheters


We extrude catheters with complex features to meet performance requirements. We also provide cleanroom assembly to build complete catheter-based devices.

Person sleeping with a CPAP machine

CPAP machine tubing

Our co-extruded polypropylene smooth corrugated medical tubing is used with CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea.

A group of doctors performing surgery in a hospital

Anesthesia and respiratory tubing

We offer a complete product line of disposable and reusable medical tubing and components for anesthesia, respiratory, and other medical and custom applications.

Surgeons performing surgery on doll

Surgical smoke evacuation tubing

We manufacture 40 million feet of smoke evacuation annually. This
smooth-interior EVA tubing promotes optimum removal of smoke from the surgical suite.

Extrusion Advantages

Extrusion offers an efficient, economical, and practical method for manufacturing polymer tubing and other products.

Complex geometries

The extrusion process allows for more complex geometries than would be possible with molding techniques; for example, multi-lumen and co-extruded tubing.


In the extrusion process most materials that are used can be recycled, minimizing waste.


Medical extrusion lines can run continuously, allowing manufacturing facilities to operate 24 hours a day with multiple shifts, maximizing productivity.

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