What’s In a Name?

October 17, 2023  / 3 Min Read Time
By Beth Harrison Meyer, Global VP of Marketing

Quite a lot! We’re excited to share the new name for our company, but it’s much more than simply a name.

Why are we rebranding? With MDI’s acquisition of GlobalMed, the largest by far the company has made, and with MDI itself being only a year into new private equity ownership with an ambitious investment and growth plan, we’re taking the opportunity to redefine, redesign and relaunch our brand to the world.  It is our opportunity to unify under one name and better represent the company we are building.

So, what is a brand?  A brand is a promise – what we will deliver to our customers, our team members and other stakeholders. And a good brand is a promise kept.

To ensure we deliver on that promise, we took a strategic approach, employing systems thinking to ensure we built both an articulated description and the visual identity of what our brand should stand for in the eyes of all stakeholders and the roadmap to bring it to life. We started this process with a series of interviews – 22 in fact – across a range of roles within the company as well as with multiple customers. With those inputs, we embarked on a journey with a cross-functional team and our agency partner Reinvent the World to build and launch our new name and brand.

We named the company Aptyx because it brings together the aptitude and excellence of more than a dozen companies with a 70 year plus track record in manufacturing.

Aptyx values

The wordmark Aptyx is a custom font with unique notch and cutout details. It is highly engineered like the products we make. Our logo mark is a representation of the letters A and X, an apex and the up arrow, representing consistent growth.

Aptyx wordmark

Our color palette features deep blue and orange as our primary colors. The deep blue inspires confidence, is a familiar color within the medical device and other highly regulated industries and is in line with our grounded and true personality attributes. The orange and also vibrant secondary palette are dynamic, also like our personality.

In total, it is a striking and memorable visual identity. But as already noted, the visual identity is only one element of the brand. Before we built the visual identity, we first defined our brand strategy and framework. This includes elements such as our brand’s essence, our role in the world, the functional and emotional benefits we provide our customers, our positioning and our brand assets – the reasons to believe that we will deliver for our customers.

How our brand manifests itself, including in our newly refreshed vision, mission and values, is a topic for another post, but I’ll share one example of this framework as it feeds into so much of what we do and who we are. That’s our brand essence, which is Engineering Action. Engineering Action is about making things happen, and a nod to engineering expertise, which is at the heart of all we do.